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While purchasing diamonds, always look carefully for inclusions. It effects overall beauty of diamond. To be 100% sure, stick with clarity grade “VS2” or above to avoid any imperfections which might be visible when choosing a diamond.

When choosing in the range D-F, your aim for clarity grades should be “VS2” or higher, while selecting diamonds in the G-I scope, you ought to focus on the “SI” clarity grade. You should keep an eye for exact positions of diamond’s inclusions. For example, if the inclusion is in the center of the diamond, then this matter as it may directly affect the light reflection of the diamond. However, if the imperfection is on the side of the diamond, then the precious stone can fit in a closed mounted ring and it can have a minimal effect on the light refraction. To save on money, you might choose a higher color and lower clarity in case you have to fit diamond into a closed mounted ring. Clarity & cut is essential if the diamond fits in open mounted rings such as four prongs or six prongs engagement rings. That’s because clarity and cut will directly affect light reflection from diamond.