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“Grand Diamonds BVBA” was founded in October 2014 by Mr. TETRO Avi (CEO) in the heart of the European Diamond Capital, Antwerp, Belgium. In June 2015 he has founded his Jewelry Company “Grand Diamonds Jewelry” in order to meet the expectation of the Belgian law, for separation of the genuine manufacturing & trading of diamonds and the Jewelry & Designing of Gold. The logo of Grand Diamonds reflects the corporate identity of both companies; and the name Avi is actually hidden in the logo as well. Grand Diamonds stands for big, that is because we have a big urge to serve and satisfy our clients in all their diamond needs, a big urge to deliver high-quality diamonds & jewelry and a very big urge to serve our clients with grand pieces for affordable prices.

Here a little review of the interview with Avi (CEO):“There is just something about diamonds. It is in the way they sparkle. It is in the way you feel when you wear them. It is in the fact that your diamond is as unique as you are. There is no question; diamonds deserve to be the most sought after bauble in the world. Unfortunately, the demand for high-quality diamonds has allowed a few global corporations to artificially raise their prices to extort the maximum from the diamond consumer. I don’t think that is right.I studied with the high council of diamonds, Hooge Raad van Diamant, in Antwerp and became an independent diamond broker. Recently I have opened up a Diamond and Jewelry Company so I can offer the same beautiful pieces everybody is dreaming of, but at more affordable prices. I swear by the quality of my diamonds — they are all certified by a respected third party — GIA, HRD, or IGI, and all my gold is 18k. I design jewelry using yellow, red, rose, white, and pink gold and on demand also in Platinum. I am also willing and able to do custom orders so if you have a picture—or can draw one—of a design you would like to realise, please feel free to inquire about pricing.

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