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Ring Sizing

Every ring size is based on a numerical ratio. There are specific numbers that allude the circle of the inside border(band), shown in mm. The numbers start increasing from 3 (little) up until 15, which means gigantic.

Your engagement ring should fit easily — not excessively tight, however not very free either. The right ring comes loose so it can roll over your knuckle and it’s tight enough so it can’t fall off your finger.

Tips for Finding Your Ring Size:

  1. Your finger size is continuously changing throughout the day. For proper measurements, you have to measure your finger size at sunset when your fingers are quite heated. Just in case, do it a few times so you can escape any measurement mistakes
  1. We offer the option of determining your ring size online. This can be done quickly by taking virtual ring sizer, which is located on the bottom of each page. Just click the button “Virtual Ring Sizer” and come to know the size of your finger or your beloved one.