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Diamond Carat Chart

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Carat Weight

It’s simple. It alludes to the weight of the diamond. What can happen here is that ⅔ of the diamond’s carat weight can vanish during the processing.Even though a diamond with a low-quality cut may appear smaller than a diamond of the same carat with a precise cut. Since bigger high-evaluated rough precious stones are hard to be found which makes them rarer than the smaller rough diamonds of high quality, a solitary two-carat jewel can be more costly than two one-carat precious stones of similar quality.

There’s a disproportion when it comes to increasing diamond’s weight and its face-up diameter. For instance, the diameter of an excellent one-cut diamond is 6.5 mm while a diamond, twice that weight, is measured to have 8.3 mm face-up diameter. That is roughly around 27% escalation.