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How To Design Diamond Ring Online That Defines Your Love 

by granddiamonds

Everyone aspires to find their lover the ideal ring that accurately captures their love. When choosing one for their particular someone, people have a variety of options and preferences. Some people prefer it to be timeless and classic, while others choose designer items with lots of diamonds.

It is entirely up to the person to obtain their ideal item for the eagerly anticipated proposal to the love of their life. You can design a diamond ring online that best defines your emotions.

Steps – How To Design Diamond Ring Online That Reflects Your Love Rightly

One of the most prominent decisions you’ll have to make when designing your custom engagement ring is what kind of diamond to use. There are numerous factors that need to be considered, including size, shape, and color. The “4 C’s of diamonds,” as they are commonly known. 

Since the diamond plays the protagonist in your dream ring, it is necessary to know and perform the required steps while deciding to design a diamond ring online

Design Diamond Rings Online – Follow These Simple Steps

  • The Carat and Size Of The Diamond

This will depend on your budget and the overall aesthetic you’re going for. Generally speaking, larger diamonds are more expensive, but they also sparkle more. If money is tight, consider using a less expensive diamond that still shines brilliantly. It’s as simple, the amount of money you spend on buying diamonds is directly proportional to the amount of brilliance and shine you get. 

  • The Shape and Cut Of The Diamond 

The three most popular shapes are baguette, princess, and round-cut diamonds. For example, round-cut diamonds are very classic and versatile, whereas princess-cut diamonds have sharp corners that can give them an edgy appearance. Each form has a unique combination of benefits and drawbacks. Which diamond shape best symbolizes a person’s love will depend on their personal preferences.

Choose from our huge assortment of diamond shapes featuring round, princess, oval, heart, marquise, pear, radiant, Asscher, and cushion. 

  • The Diamond’s Color Grade

Although there are many other shades of diamonds, the most popular choice is white or “off-white” diamonds, which are in the G-H color range. Higher color grades are a sign of rarer diamonds, so bear that in mind when choosing a diamond if you’re looking for something exceptional.

Other things matter too, just like the inclusions, whether it is flawless, or have slight inclusions, 

  • Choose The Style/Setting Of The Ring 

The next step is to decide the style and setting of the ring. We are offering you to select from the available ring settings namely, solitaire, halo, pave, channel, three stone, side stone, vintage, and designer that best goes with your personality and style. 

Creating an engagement ring design is selecting the chosen setting style. We offer a wide range of vintage, modern, and conventional setting designs to meet all preferences. To find the perfect setting, you can browse the entire selection at once or narrow your search by style or price. 

  • Select The Metal

After choosing the appropriate ring setting, the next step is to select the metal. There are a number of metals that you can choose from, some of the common ones are silver, platinum, and gold (like white, yellow, or rose) that you can pick as per your wish. 

You can choose the variants like 14k, 18k, and many more. The best part is we are offering you to get the dual tone – as in, you’ll be able to select two metals simultaneously for the same jewelry piece. 

Remember: she is going to miss you every time, whenever she looks at her ring. So, choose the metal wisely that adds perfect charm and brilliance to the look. 

Care Tips If you plan to Design Diamond Rings Online 

Your bespoke engagement rings are a substantial investment, so you should take proper care of them to ensure a lifetime of use. We wrote a thorough tutorial on how to maintain and clean your diamond at home. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • To keep your ring clean, use a soft cloth to wipe off any dirt or dust. 
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, or chlorine on your ring.
  • Avoid wearing your ring when doing laborious tasks like gardening or housework.
  • As soon as your ring gets wet, dry it off with a soft cloth.

If you follow this simple advice, your custom engagement ring will look beautiful for years to come!

Know The Factors Affecting The Price While You Decide To Design Diamond Ring Online 

  • The size and type of diamonds present in the ring.

Diamonds are graded on the basis of their clarity – there’s a scale determining the quality of diamonds ranging from D to Z, where D is referred to as the highest and Z as the lowest. Not only that, diamond cut plays a prominent role – the more excellent the cut is – it becomes more premium. 

  • The kind of metal used in the ring 

Different metals possess different price ranges, and silver is cheaper than gold. There are a variety of gold metals such as rose, white, and yellow – all of them feature different prices. The more expensive the metal present in your ring, the more expensive it becomes. 

  • Number of Diamonds present in the ring 

It all comes down to the number of diamonds present in the ring, the more the number of diamonds, the price will increase simultaneously. 

  • The Ring Style 

The ring with a simplistic setting is cheaper than that of a sophisticated setting. For instance, a solitaire ring setting may cost less than that of a diamond-laced vintage setting. 

diamond ring

Design Diamond Ring Online Your Way 

If you wish to design a diamond ring online your way – here is the perfect opportunity for you. Grand Diamonds are offering to provide you with numerous options for diamond ring Antwerp that you can choose from and get one customized for yourself. 

Just select the diamond shape of your choice along with the other diamond specifications, go for the ring setting and get a vibing metal to get your piece of perfection to make the noisy proposal. Make sure to buy diamond rings online that define your love perfectly so that she’ll cherish the presented beauty for a lifetime. 

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