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Ultimate Ways To Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger.

by granddiamonds

Accept it; we all want to flaunt the shining, flawless engagement ring on our fingers.

Every woman’s dream comes true whenever her friends notice the enormous, glittering rock on her hand and exclaim, “Oh my God, someone got engaged!” or her coworker will fall head over heels for that beautiful, enormous rock on her hand. But there’s also this show-stopper who goes by the name “budget,” as we all know.

Some people are restricted by the strict budget, which doesn’t allow them to go overboard and get the engagement ring of their dream; that is where you have to know some tricks that can help you make your engagement ring look bigger.

That’s right!! You heard that no more worrying too much about how to make your engagement ring look lavishing, do these things and make everyone adore your finger piece. 

  • Try something Unique and Dazzling:-  

Gone are the days when Round Diamonds are the only choice.

There’s no doubt that round diamonds appear larger because of their carat weight than many other cuts in shape. But there are other shapes of diamonds that appear more enormous and dazzling. You could also try an emerald, oval, marquise, or pear. A large portion of the diamond is below the surface due to the deep cut of the round shape. With shallower cuts and more of the diamond on the surface, fancy shapes like emerald, for instance, result in a bigger appearance. However, because deep-cut diamonds perform better in light, they frequently have more outstanding brilliance and sparkle.

A dazzling metal engagement ring in the shape of an emerald that makes the diamond appear larger would be a great choice.

Because fancy shapes are typically less expensive than the round cut, you might even be able to purchase a diamond with a higher carat weight without going over your budget. This is another practical argument in favor of fancy-cut diamonds.

Why not make a choice that is more sustainable? 

You can always give Lab-Grown Diamond a chance.

In addition to being physically, chemically, and optically similar to diamonds mined from the ground, lab-grown diamonds are also less expensive. There is scarcely any difference visible to the unaided eye. Apart from that, these are the few reasons that make Lab-grown diamonds a great choice.

slim pronges


  • Superior purity and quality.
  • Sustainable and favorable to the environment
  • Every diamond’s Origin is known.
  • Diamonds made in a lab let you stretch your budget further without compromising quality.
  • Choose a thin band

The diamond on your engagement ring seems smaller if the ring band is wider. A thin band will make the diamond appear larger if that is what you like. A thin band, especially one that gets narrower as it approaches the center stone, will make the center diamond appear more prominent. On the other hand, the diamond will appear more big and more beautiful the narrower the band. A delicate ring allows your diamond’s grandeur and brilliance to take center stage while making it appear larger.
thin band


Selecting a metal with a high sheen, like platinum or white gold, might enhance the sparkle of your diamond. The difference between the diamond and the metal is lessened, and they essentially blend into one. It is challenging to tell where the diamond ends and the metal begins from a distance due to its great brilliance.

If you go for yellow or rose gold, this won’t work since you will be able to see how much the diamond sticks out from the setting.

  • Slim prongs 

Are you considering purchasing a solitaire ring setting?

Try to find a setting that encircles the diamond with thinner or slimmer prongs.

As a result, more of the diamond will be visible, giving the impression that it is larger. Choose four prongs rather than six, allowing more light to pass through and bounce off the diamond.

  • Tiny Diamonds Engagement Ring 

What’s better than a shiny ring piece, a more shiny ring piece!! Right?

Consider the trick of encircling a huge center diamond with lesser diamonds if you want the giant stone to shine. The halo setting is also known as this and is well-liked by those looking for engagement rings.

Instead of spending a year of fortune on a single colossal diamond, opt for a smaller diamond to serve as the focal point. This is typically slightly elevated above the surface, and the diamond is around by smaller diamonds of a similar color. The setting will make your ring appear enormous, fancy, and gorgeous, while the little diamonds are reasonably priced and add extra shine to your center diamond. 

  • Three-stone  engagement ring

The three-stone ring settings are an additional gorgeous choice. Generally speaking, if you choose this choice, it’s better to keep the side stones modest in size so they don’t overshadow the primary diamond.

Three-stone  engagement ring


Why does a three-stone engagement ring seem larger than it is? If smaller side diamonds or gemstones are positioned on either side of the primary diamond, the effect will be increased. The side stones might be the show’s stealer! They brilliantly and opulently draw attention to the piece’s main point, the central diamond.

  • Cleaning of your diamond  engagement ring

You must not let the dust settle on your diamond as this may eventually reduce its brilliance. People may stop admiring you and criticize you for not taking proper care of your engagement ring.

Here is one of the most effortless pieces of advice you can use. Always keep your engagement ring clean if you want it to appear as big as possible. As discussed throughout this article, your engagement ring will appear larger the more brilliant it is. Diamonds and precious metals lose their glitter due to accumulating oil and grime over time. Therefore, cleaning your engagement ring frequently is necessary to maintain its shine.

It is usually suggested to have your ring professionally cleaned every six months. After that, you can clean your ring at home between appointments with a professional. For that, you only need:

  •  A toothbrush
  • Mild dish soap or vinegar(use these two only after you have received a green flag from the jeweler on this)
  • Towel
  • Jugs

Diamond cleaning techniques:

  • Add a few drops of dish soap/vinegar to one bowl, and to the other, add lukewarm water.
  • Utilizing a toothbrush and soapy solution, clean your diamond (circular brush strokes are always better.)
  • When you’re done, rinse your ring to remove any leftover soap or oil and pat it dry with a cloth.
  • That’s it. Let it dry for a while and start wearing it again.
  • We’ll give you one of our best pieces of advice because we firmly believe you can perform your diamond jewelry cleaning.

engagement ring

 Reflect More Sparkle By Showcasing It Bigger.

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