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The most popular diamond engagement ring setting in 2022

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It’s almost July, and in no months, we are about to enter the season of proposals; yes, you got it right- 2022 Holidays are on their way. Which probably means many of you have already begun planning your unique proposals? People have a lot on their plates when proposing around holidays, which causes them to forget about the engagement rings entirely. Luckily, it’s not too late; you still have a few months to buy diamond rings online and a few weeks to analyze which engagement ring would be the ideal fit for your lady love.

When planning a memorable proposal, the golden rule is to move slowly and smartly. So let’s speak about the settings crucial to buying a diamond engagement ring, and let’s look at which settings people prefer in 2022.


The ring design is enhanced even further by finding the right and unique ring setting. Even though they merely serve to physically hold the brilliant stone of your choice firmly in place, engagement ring settings define the appearance of a ring. The Setting can be made from various precious metals and should consider the wearer’s and the intended wearers’ personalities and preferences. 


The Solitaire Ring Setting:-   

The Solitaire Ring Setting

Despite the years, many people still prefer the solitaire ring settings over others. The central stone is the focal point and is understated and lovely. A plain metal ring with a single diamond or gemstone is a solitaire setting. With stones of any size or shape, solitaire settings are adequate. You can go for a round diamond for a classic look, or if to flaunt your love’s uniqueness, you can even go for a fancy-shaped diamond or colored gemstone.

Perfect fit for:- Those who value simplicity. A solitaire is an excellent option if your significant other hasn’t indicated the style of ring they might like. The traditional design allows the wearer to accessorize the ring with an elaborate wedding band. If you are on the lookout to buy diamond rings online, then prefer adding Solitaire settings to your list.

The Three Stone Ring Setting:- 

The Three Stone Ring Setting

The old is now new! For us, three-stone jewelry represents a couple’s journey’s past, present, and future. The present, also known as the most significant center stone, is surrounded by past and future diamonds, which act as a cushion. You can be sure it’s classic and will be enough to astonish your love. 

Perfect fit for:- View our collection of three-stone engagement rings, including contemporary and vintage-inspired designs. Each diamond in this setting represents the past, present, and future phases of a couple’s journey together. A three-stone ring is an eye-catching and unique option because of the lovely significance and distinctive appearance of this type.

If you are on the lookout for a place to buy diamond wedding rings online, then check out our collection of wedding Rings, and propose to her with something unique and traditional wedding rings.

The Halo Ring Setting:- 

The Halo Ring Setting

The halo setting is among the most preferred for engagement rings after Solitaire. Diamonds or other gemstones are set in a pattern around the center stone to create halo engagement rings. The central stone appears more prominent than it is when surrounded by a halo. The center stone is encircled by two rows of diamonds in a double halo setting. They are a fantastic, economical method to get an eye-catching appearance. To create contrast for a distinctive design, you can decide to add colored gemstones to your halo or center stone.

Perfect for:- People looking to buy sophisticated yet glamorous diamond rings online for their loved ones. You can also combine a Halo ring with a pavé band for added glitter. 

The Channel Setting:-  

The Channel Setting

The channel ring setting resembles a ravine filled with diamonds set in a ring. This incredibly glittering Setting flaunts a collection of tiny jewels precisely positioned for a front-to-back, end-to-end sparkle that catches the light from all sides. Here’s a thing about this lovely Setting it will probably need to be cleaned more frequently because there are more spaces between the stones, which could eventually look worn and become dirty with regular use. 

Perfect fit for:- It is a perfect fit for an overly sensitive person. A ring with a channel setting has a lovely and distinctive appearance representing your eternal love. 

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It’s important to choose the correct setting to go with your diamond if you want to ensure that your engagement ring grabs attention in the right way. So, make sure not to overlook this first step in the process to buy diamond rings online. Also, if you already have everything planned out for your perfect proposal, the only thing missing is your dream ring. Then you can rely on Grand Diamonds. You can buy diamond engagement rings, jewelry, our exclusive rainbow, influencer jewelry, and not forget lab-grown jewelry from our online store.

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