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How to Design Your Dream Engagement Ring with a Loose Diamond?

by Henrik Jensen

Are you looking for an engagement ring that stands out from the rest in your neighborhood? Well, you’re in luck! You can create a ring that truly reflects your unique personality and love story. If customization is what you’re after, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can do it:

Creating your dream ring with Grand Diamonds is easy. Follow these steps:

  • Start by selecting your desired setting.
  • Then choose from our range of natural and lab-grown diamonds.
  • Once you have completed these steps, proceed to checkout.

But Isn’t buying an already-crafted engagement ring the best choice?

Yes, it is the best choice. But if you haven’t found your dream ring yet that make you gasp like Chandler when he saw his ring for the first time then this option is the one for you.

  • Simplified Process: Customizing your engagement ring puts an end to the endless search. Instead of scouring through countless options, you can simply gather inspiration from platforms like Pinterest and jot down your ideas. Then, take your vision to your trusted jeweler, streamlining the process.

  • Budget-Friendly Options: Contrary to popular belief, going custom doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. While the price depends on factors like diamond weight and additional embellishments, opting for customization allows you to make conscious choices that align with your budget. You might even find that your custom design ends up more affordable, especially if you opt for a smaller carat stone.

  • Unique and Cherished: Your engagement ring symbolizes a love meant to last a lifetime. By customizing it, you ensure that it stands out as a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Not only does this guarantee a constant stream of compliments, but it also makes your ring a cherished heirloom, carrying the essence of your love story to be passed down through generations.

But, If you do not wish to go through this procedure, the next option for you is engraving.

Is engraving a form of customization? 

Yes, it refers to engraving the band of your wedding and engagement ring with some signs of memories. 

A certified diamond wedding ring 

Here are some things that you can engrave on your wedding or engagement ring: 

Romantic Quotes and Phrases

  • Forever Yours
  • My One and Only
  • Eternal Love
  • To the Moon and Back
  • Always and Forever

Important Dates

  • Wedding Date
  • Engagement Date
  • First Met

Names and Initials

  • A & B Forever
  • J+K
  • [Partner’s Name] & [Your Name]


  • Heart Symbol: ❤️
  • Infinity Symbol: ∞

Personal Jokes or Nicknames

  • Peanut Butter to My Jelly
  • My Penguin
  • Love Bug

Religious or Spiritual Quotes

  • God’s Plan
  • Blessed Union
  • Faith, Hope, Love

Song Lyrics or Book Quotes

  • “All of me loves all of you” – John Legend
  • “I carry your heart with me” – E.E. Cummings
  • “You are my sunshine”


  • Te Amo (Spanish)
  • Je T’aime (French)
  • Ich Liebe Dich (German)

Unique or Custom

  • Fingerprint Engraving
  • Sound Wave of Your Voices Saying “I Love You”
  • Handwritten Message

Now that you know how grand diamonds can bring your dream engagement ring vision to life, it’s time to learn more about loose diamonds themselves. As we mentioned earlier, diamond selection is the most intricate part of customization.

So, here are your ultimate answers!

🔹 Loose Diamonds vs. Pre-set Diamonds:

When shopping for custom rings, you’ll often encounter the terms “loose diamonds” and “pre-set diamonds.” Loose diamonds are exactly what they sound like: individual diamonds that are not yet set in any jewelry. Pre-set diamonds, on the other hand, are already mounted in a ring setting. Learn more here.

🔹 Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds:

For creating a custom ring, you’ll need to choose a loose diamond. This selection process involves deciding between a natural diamond or a lab-grown diamond. Both types offer the same level of brilliance and fire (sparkle). In fact, only a trained gemologist can reliably tell the difference between them.

The key differences lie in origin and price. Natural diamonds are formed under extreme pressure and heat deep within the Earth over millions of years, making them rarer and more expensive. Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are created in controlled laboratory environments in a much shorter timeframe. This makes them a more affordable option while still maintaining the beauty and properties of a natural diamond.

As we already are on this topic then there’s more to learn about diamonds, let’s begin with understanding what certified or non-certified loose diamonds are 

🔹 Certified & Non- Certified Diamonds


A certified diamond crafted 18K White Gold Engagement Ring 

When it comes to selecting the perfect diamond, confidence is key. Certified loose diamonds offer peace of mind through independent verification of a stone’s quality. Here are three compelling reasons to choose a certified loose diamond:

  • Guaranteed Stone Quality: A diamond’s value hinges on its “4Cs”: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These characteristics can be difficult for an untrained eye to assess. A certificate issued by a reputable gemological laboratory provides an unbiased evaluation of these aspects, ensuring you get exactly what you pay for.

  • Informed Buying Decisions: Armed with a diamond grading report, you gain valuable insights into the stone’s brilliance, fire, and potential sparkle. This knowledge empowers you to compare diamonds objectively and choose the one that best suits your taste and budget.

  • Enhanced Resale Value: Certified loose diamonds are generally considered more attractive to potential buyers in the resale market. The documentation provides a clear record of the stone’s quality, simplifying the valuation process and potentially fetching a better price.

Question of the day: Are certified diamonds available for sale?

Expert Tips: Many people think it’s a myth that certified diamonds for sale are too good to be true.  To determine if a certified diamond is genuinely for sale, check reviews on the seller’s website, ask for videos to get a clear look, and request detailed information. If the photos or videos are not high quality, continue your search elsewhere.

 Independent Quality Verification:

A diamond certificate, issued by a reputable gemological institute like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), provides an objective assessment of the stone’s quality. This unbiased evaluation considers the “4Cs” of diamonds:

  • Cut: The cut significantly impacts a diamond’s brilliance and fire. A certified diamond ensures you understand the cut quality.
  • Color: Diamonds range from colorless (highly desirable) to faint yellow. A certificate clarifies the stone’s color grade.
  • Clarity: The presence of minuscule flaws can affect a diamond’s value. A certificate details the clarity grade, informing you of any inclusions.
  • Carat Weight: This refers to the diamond’s size. A certificate verifies the stone’s weight 
  • for accurate pricing.

By relying on a gemological institute’s expertise, you gain peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re purchasing.

Why Non-Certified Diamonds Exist?

While certified loose diamonds offer valuable assurance, it’s important to remember that non-certified stones aren’t necessarily inferior. Here are some reasons why non-certified diamonds exist:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: For very small diamonds, the cost of certification can be significant compared to the diamond’s overall value.

  • Price Range: Jewelers may offer non-certified diamonds to cater to a wider price range, making diamonds more accessible to a broader audience.

The Choice is Yours

Ultimately, the decision of whether to choose a certified or non-certified diamond depends on your individual priorities and budget. If you prioritize independent verification of quality and plan to resell the diamond later, a certified stone might be a better choice. However, if budget is a major concern and you’re comfortable with a jeweler’s appraisal for a smaller diamond, a non-certified option could be suitable.

If you’re still unsure where to begin, don’t worry—we’re just a call away.

Unlock the magic of your love story !!

Contact Grand Diamonds today to receive expert guidance. Our team will walk you through our extensive collection and assist you in making choices that match your preferences and budget.So, don’t wait and get your dream ring today!!


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