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Is Buying Loose Diamonds Online a Good Investment?

by Henrik Jensen

Your head is undoubtedly spinning with all the options if you’re considering purchasing a piece of diamond jewelry. The “four C’s” (carat, cut, color, and clarity) are known to almost everyone who has spent any time in a jewelry store, but do you know the advantages of purchasing certified loose diamonds rather than a ready-made piece of jewelry with an ungraded diamond?

The advantages of purchasing wholesale loose diamonds from us over a conventional jewelry retailer are several. The ability to easily inspect each diamond and lower pricing are a few advantages of purchasing diamonds. Other advantages include buying loose diamonds as an investment and having access to a variety of certified diamonds online

Buy Certified Diamonds Online As An Investment

Over the past many years, the usage of diamonds as a financial hedge and investment instrument has expanded significantly. The cause is really clear and actually makes perfect sense:

  • Diamonds are a great way to carry information because they don’t take up any space. It seems incredible that such a small item can be worth so much money. Even the smallest safe can accommodate a diamond worth $1,000,000 with ease.
  • Since a diamond is the world’s toughest material, you don’t have to worry about anything breaking or wearing it down. All you need to do is watch out not to lose it! (And even that could be protected.)
  • Not get affected by inflation: In reality, this applies to the majority of tangible goods. Gold, silver, real estate, and diamonds typically increase in value in line with inflation. Diamonds are stronger and more mobile than others. This is another reason why diamonds are a wise choice even if you do not want to buy them for financial purposes and are only looking for a different way to save money.
  • You can wear it while using it as an investment because diamonds never lose their brilliance and there is no legal definition of a “second-hand” diamond. You can mount it and wear it while using it as an investment.
  • Psychology: It’s a bodily thing. You may touch it, observe it, and even put it on. Unlike stocks and other financial assets, which appear as rows on a computer screen, it gives you a sense of security.

Along with the psychological and physical benefits, purchasing certified diamonds online for investment purposes has financial perks, which we’ll outline below. However, first things first:

How To Invest In Loose Diamonds Online?

With everything, it includes, diamond investments should be included in your list of alternative investments.

Therefore, they ought to make up a little fraction of your portfolio, etc.

The concept is really fairly straightforward. As I previously stated, the basis for investing in diamonds is the fact that they are tangible goods. As a result, you may readily purchase them anywhere, including online. The suggestions included below serve as general guidelines and, if desired, ideas and tactics for investing in diamonds. But most importantly, we also discuss the risks, so please read all the way through.

  • Start With The Basic

It is excellent to begin at the beginning. Learn the diamond language and the fundamentals. The 4 Cs of Diamonds should come first. I strongly advise reading our why to choose certified diamonds online guide after this article if you had your heart set on making an investment in certified diamonds online. 

  • Set On To A Budget

Do not forget that this belongs in your portfolio. True, compared to stocks, a larger initial investment is needed, but this is no excuse to exceed your spending limit or the proportion of your portfolio that you had in mind.

  • Distinguish Your Diamonds 

Avoid putting all of your resources in one basket. We can’t all be Warren Buffett, even while he famously observed, “Distinguishing is protection against stupidity, it makes some sense for people who know what they’re doing.” As with other investments, diversifying your “portfolio” may be a good idea when investing in diamonds. You should think about buying two $10,000 diamonds or even splitting your $20,000 diamond investment budget into three if you had set it. Additionally, avoid purchasing two or three diamonds of the same sort. It might be a nice opportunity for the second diamond to be blue, green, or even yellow if you had your heart set on a pink diamond.

  • Compare Prices With Competitors

I apologize for making the apparent analogy to stocks again, but a diamond is not a stock. A diamond’s price is not determined by thousands of participants in an open marketplace bidding online. However, given the abundance of online merchants, comparing asking prices for comparable gems is simple (this is tougher to execute when it comes to colored diamonds where each diamond is different). But you can compare the prices for certified diamonds online. 

  • Buy Unique Yet Needful 

Personally, I don’t think there’s much use in purchasing something that people already have. I’ve heard of people investing in round 1 carat D VS diamonds, but when it comes to selling diamonds as your investment, you are selling something that is readily available elsewhere and you are up against many other vendors (and manufacturers).

But if you possess a unique natural colored diamond, such as a blue or pink diamond, you are in a class by yourself. But continue to consider “desired.” For instance, a cushion cut or a round diamond (even if it is pink) will be easier to sell than a marquise.

A VS blue diamond will be simpler to sell than one with I2 clarity (even though it is reflected in pricing). Utilize common sense and believe in your gut when it comes to knowing what to avoid.

Look at the most expensive diamond to find inspiration (and the trailing 10 for that matter).

Loose diamonds

Loose Diamonds Online To Add Maximum Sparkle

Consider Grand Diamond for diamond jewelry online. We are bringing you a huge assortment of different cuts that are sure to add brilliance and sparkle to your collections. Put it up in your favorite accessories and let them shine brilliantly. Get diamond bracelets online to compliment your looks. 

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