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Explore Hot-selling And Trendy Engagement Ring Styles To Shop For 2022

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Hot-selling And Trendy Engagement Ring Styles

It is evident that nothing on this planet can stop love. If love is there, how can we not talk about engagement rings as they are the first step towards a beautiful relationship? We are bringing you some latest trends in engagement rings for 2022 that will leave you astonished with their beauty and charm.  As far as we’ve seen, Couples are very much fascinated by unique and creative designs when going ring shopping.

Grand Diamonds are bringing you alluring collections of engagement rings that you can’t resist. The exciting thing is choosing the diamond shape and ring setting and getting your dream piece customized. Please choose from our enormous range and get the perfect piece that vibes your taste and style.

Explore Our Engagement Ring Styles And Pick Your Perfect Piece

Just like every new season, we are bringing you a whole new batch of engagement ring styles that are more marvelous than ever—planning to pop the most awaited question? We’ve got some stunning picks just for you. Let’s get you a quick sneak into 2022 engagement ring trends suggested by our experts.

Timeless Solitaire Engagement Ring Style

Timeless Solitaire Engagement Ring Style

Classic styles are timeless, and they never fail to impress anybody with different tastes and styles. What’s a better example of a classic than that of Solitaire Rings? A big bright diamond in the center with an elegant ring setting will for sure brighten up your love life. We have got plenty of options in diamond shapes that you can choose from that best compliments your ring style and setting.

Pro Tip: Solitaire style is the best-selling and eternal design that will never get out of fashion. The best part is they owe the most versatile style that will look pretty with every outfit you are pairing with.

Glittery Pave Engagement Ring Style

Glittery Pave Engagement Ring Style

Pave setting features several mini diamonds that accentuate the prime diamond by adding a sparkly effect. The perks of pave style are that they make the center diamond look larger and more appealing. You can choose from various pave styles that you think complement your taste nicely. The common pave styles are as mentioned:

  • Micro Pave
  • French Pave
  • U-cut Pave
  • Bright Cut Pave

Pro Tip: If you need more glitter and sparkle on a pocket-friendly budget, this is the best one to go. It features the illusion of bigger and more plentiful diamonds and reflects more light and shine.

Alluring Channel Set

Alluring Channel Set

The channel set has a row of mini diamonds set between two metal strips that make it look elegant and graceful. It enhances the ring’s overall glitter by giving the illusion of an endless plane of diamonds set on the shank. This ring setting doesn’t feature any prongs as it is already secured with metal layers from each side.

Pro Tip:  If you are looking to get maximum shine set in a classic set, the channel set is your perfect pick. The accent diamonds will give a gorgeous and mind-blowing effect. Get this sophisticated, versatile, and classic beauty to impress your special someone.

Enduring Vintage Set Engagement Ring Style

 Enduring Vintage Set

Vintage ring style features the fusion of modern style with a pinch of old touch. The eye-pleasing craftsmanship and detailing will make your heart skip a beat. Make a romantic proposal with bold, unapologetic, and fusing-charming details of this timeless exemplary style.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for pleasing and meticulous detailing of the ring just like the old era, then the vintage ring is best suitable. Get to choose from our wide range and make a perfect pick.

Appealing Halo Set Engagement Ring Style

Appealing Halo Set

The Halo ring style is the newest style that features mini diamonds in a circular format surrounding the prime diamond. Halos are versatile as they tend to fit in almost every popular streamlined style and geometric diamond shape. Be innovative while making a proposal, choose Halo that’ll guarantee a “yes” to your lovable proposal.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for more glitz and glamour, then halo guarantees the best results. It complements your center stone nicely and makes your ring look bigger. Also, it enhances the visual appeal of the ring with appealing color contrasts and brilliance.

Buy Engagement Rings Online And Make The Most Remarkable Proposal

Explore various engagement ring styles suggested by our experts that will make an everlasting impact on your special someone. Choose from our wide range and make the best pick that your partner will cherish for a lifetime. Don’t just sit and wait. Turn the most awaited day into reality with our beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands collection today.

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