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How To Find The Perfect Ring Size On Your Own?

by granddiamonds
The Perfect Ring

A beautiful diamond ring can be a perfect fit for a new beginning. When buying a ring the most important factor to consider is the right ring size. Here’s your guide to finding the perfect ring size on your own.

How To Measure The Inner Diameter Of A Ring

At Grand Diamonds we follow various measures to calculate our customer’s best possible ring size. But before we jump to that, first refer to the ring size chart mentioned below. It will immensely help you in knowing your correct ring size:

Ring Size Chart

Paper Technique 

  • You can wrap a thin paper/string around the ring keeping a comfortable grip.
  • Mark a point where the end overlaps.
  • Then, measure the length of the paper with the help of a scale and compare the length to the circumference.
  • Refer to this ring size guide to find your correct size.
  • If you ever get confused between two ring sizes, it’s always better to choose the larger one as it is simpler to get a ring tightened rather than loosening it.

Printable Ring Sizer

  • Get a print of the ring size chart on an A4-sized sheet of paper.
  • Cut out the ring sizer and insert the point marked through the given slot.
  • Place the ring sizer over your finger and pull according to your fit and you will get your ring size.
  • You can select an old ring of the intended finger and measure its diameter with a plastic ring sizer to determine the exact length of the ring.

Buy Your Own Ring Sizer

  • If you don’t get satisfied with the above-listed techniques then you can buy a ring sizer for yourself that looks like this:

the perfect ring

  • You can buy one from your favorite e-commerce store.

A few more tips for finding the perfect ring size:

Consider Your Knuckle

  • Observe your knuckle, if your knuckle is wider than your finger, you shall always order half a size bigger than what your finger indicates.
  • You can also use string and floss to measure the size of the finger.

Multiple Tries

  • Before deciding on the final size, you must calculate your ring size multiple times so that you get an accurate size.
  • Due to environmental conditions and fluctuation in temperature, the sizes tend to vary.

Resizing Of The Rings

  • Depending upon the style, some diamond rings cannot be stretched more after being designed as the metal holding the stone will fall out.
  • Except for the eternity rings, all other rings can be resized and it is always easier to tighten a ring rather than loosen it.
  • Even after purchasing a ring from us, if you face any issue with the fitting, we offer you 60 days of free resizing.


  • Observe if your fingers tend to swell or shrink in any specific environment or while performing any physical activity.
  • The finger’s size varies throughout the day. Whenever you perform any strenuous activity or eat salty food the size of your fingers begins to change. It is advised not to have excessive salty food or to perform heavy exercises before trying a ring.
  • Moreover, even the weather affects your ring size as in summers the fingers tend to swell and shrink in winter. The best time to measure a ring size is at room temperature as then you can get the most accurate fit.
  • Keep in mind that bandwidth plays an important role in determining the right fit for you. A thin band will give you a slightly loose fit and a thick band of the same size will give you a tighter grip.

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