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Must-Know Diamond Cuts, Before You Buy Your Perfect Engagement Ring

by granddiamonds

Engagement Rings have become a status symbol of your love life. You wish people around you would notice your ring and talk about its charming beauty. 

It is the storyteller of your relationship – So, Pick yours wisely. 

Deciding the diamond shape for your engagement ring is the most daunting yet, an important step in your engagement ring. Choosing the diamond cut depends on your preferences. But certain things may influence your decision. Every diamond shape has pros and cons that may sway your thought about buying a particular diamond cut. In fact, if you are looking to buy diamond jewelry, then this blog is very useful for you. 

Read the guide below to learn about popular diamond cuts – how they look in different engagement ring settings, and what to look at when shopping for a specific one. 

Round-Cut Ring

A round cut is the most selling and best choice for those looking to have a classic style along with exceptional fire & brilliance. Round cuts contribute to approximately three-quarters of all diamond purchases. It is comparatively more expensive than other shapes as it takes a lot of diamonds while cutting, leading to a higher price. 

Round diamonds get a cut grade that determines the precise proportion of diamonds. Ensure you get a perfect cut diamond as they’ll guarantee the maximum sparkle. Also, you’ll get the pro benefit of high sparkle as it hides all inclusions – that means you can buy a lower clarity diamond to fit your budget. 

Oval-Cut Engagement Ring

You might have seen a surge in the popularity of oval engagement rings lately. Oval cuts are beloved for their charm, flattering and elongated shape. If you wish to do the show-off thing, then oval cut diamonds are a perfect fit as it gives the viewer an illusion of a big carat diamond more than it actually is. They are a good spread. It disperses colors, saying you can’t see any warmth of a lower color grade. 

Pear-Cut Engagement Ring

Make your engagement ring stand out and let everyone around you gossip about it. Get the unique shape if you wish to deliver a bold yet sophisticated statement. Pear cut gets more attention because of its shape, single point, and rounded end. It reflects a slimming effect on fingers. After oval, this is another shape that gives the illusion of a flattering elongated shape and looks larger than its carat weight. 

Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring

Looking to have a minimalist look? Get the sleek and sophisticated – Emerald cut diamond features rectangular facets, delivering a unique appearance. The shape is very flattering which gives the fingers an elongated look. Emerald diamonds have step cuts with long, linear facets, giving an appearance of stairs that make it easier to see the diamond’s inclusions and flaws. Therefore, we recommend you get the VS2 grade for this particular shape. 

Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion cuts have held the position of popular cuts for over a century. Every cushion is unique, featuring a different square or slightly elongated square with rounded corners. Due to brilliance and shine, they are very good at hiding inclusions. 


Radiant cuts are perfect for those who wish to have the shape of an emerald diamond and the sparkle of an oval cut. It features a mixed cut, with a bang on a combination of brilliant and step-cut facets. It intensifies color, so this cut is perfect for you if you are more likely to like it. 

Princess-Cut Engagement Ring

Princess-Cut Engagement Ring is a square-shaped cut with pointed corners, which means it is smaller than a round cut but still looks very elegant & charming. Like other diamonds, it comes in various colors and clarity levels – that we have to divide as per our needs. If you wish to see your ring having a square diamond playing the protagonist, then probably this is the cut you are looking for.

Asscher-Cut Engagement Ring

This cut features a very unique look that is distinctive from other diamond cuts. It is cut in a way that makes the stone look much larger. The shape allows maximum light to travel through the stone and reflects more fire and brilliance. 


This cut features an elongated oval shape with pointed edges. The pointed ends make the diamond reflect more brilliance and fire than any other diamond cut. It makes a perfect choice if you wish to get a unique-looking diamond ring. These cuts are available in many colors and clarity levels – which you can choose at your convenience. 

Nowadays, uniqueness has become the new definition of sophistication. So, the marquise cut fits it very well. 

 In fact, they go well with almost all attire and complement your personality perfectly. 

engagement ring

The first thing someone notices in your ring is the diamond cut in the center, so choose it as per your preference and budget. Above, we have mentioned some pros, cons, and things you should know about a particular diamond cut that might help you choose the perfect shape for your diamond engagement ring

If you want to buy diamond rings online, then Grand Diamonds is the go-to store to get your perfect ring. Choose diamond shapes that are GIA certified and make your dream ring with us. 

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