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How to Stack Your Wedding Bands for a Trendy Look?

by Maria Lombardi

When it comes to planning your big day, finding the perfect wedding band is just the beginning. What happens next is just as crucial – how to style those bands with your engagement ring! While traditional matching styles have been popular for a long time, today’s brides are all about taking it to the next level. 

So, let’s dive in and explore some creative and unique ways to make your wedding bands shine even brighter.

What is the right way to style your wedding? 

The Grand Diamond experts suggest the traditional way of styling a wedding ring, that is with your engagement ring on the third finger. The history behind this concept of styling is actually a belief that many cultures hold, the finger is where the most direct vein to the heart is – This represents the eternal union of the two souls and the heart-to-heart connection. 

However, we would love to tell you that you can style your rings in your own way or in the ways we are about to provide you. 

What is the wedding ring stack? 

A wedding ring stack is essentially a collection of multiple rings that you wear together. This collection typically includes your engagement ring, wedding band, and perhaps some extra rings. It’s like a mix-and-matching of the wedding bands in your jewelry box. You can even swap or add rings of different gemstones to show off your unique style or commemorate special moments.

Usually, a classic stack consists of two to three rings, depending on the rings you have in your collection, the thickness, and how comfy they feel on your hand. You can add a touch of luxury by mixing different metals like rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold/silver to add a pop of color and texture to your look. It is also a  great way to showcase all the lovely jewelry you have in your box.


Choose the Right Bands

As we’ve discussed above, the first step in creating a trendy wedding band stack is to select the right bands. You’ll want to consider the size, shape, and metal of your bands. Let’s break it down:

Size: Think about how you want your wedding bands to sit alongside your engagement ring. Do you want a snug fit or a little space in between? The choice is yours.

  • You can style your engagement ring on the third finger and bands on the remaining fingers. 
  • Another way to proceed with stacking is by styling each wedding ring, except one on the engagement ring finger. For the remaining ring, you can style it onto the finger next to stack rings. 
  • If you have a massive collection of rings, then style your three fingers with all those rings, and don’t style a fourth ring. 

Shape: The shape of your bands matters. Three popular choices are the classic pavé band (with tiny, sparkling diamonds all around), a channel-set band (which encases the stones in a protective setting), and a half-eternity band (featuring gems set halfway to the metal). These designs have smoother edges and go well with many types of engagement rings.

Metal: When it comes to metal hues, mix and match to your heart’s content. You’re not bound by any strict rules. Nowadays, it’s all about the freedom to combine different metals, stone colors, and shapes to add that extra flair to your stack. Mixing metals and stones will add personality and make your stack different from anyone else’s. So, feel free to style a yellow gold band with a white gold engagement ring, go ahead and steal the spotlight with this unique way of styling.

Start with Three Rings: Now that you’ve got a handle on the basics, it’s time to put your stack together. A good starting point is, to begin with just three rings(choose from the ones that are your favorite), including your engagement ring. Why three? Well, it’s simple, elegant, and visually appealing.  The trio will give your hand that classic, well-balanced look.

The science behind these numbers is interesting.  The idea here is that an odd number of rings creates a more interesting and visually appealing composition.

For example, if your engagement ring is a classic round-cut diamond in a rose gold setting, you can add an eternity band and a bezel-set band in alternating yellow gold and white gold for a captivating contrast. The variety of colors, shapes, and textures adds depth to your wedding ring stack, making it truly your own.


Personalize with Meaningful Bands: Your wedding band stack can tell a story. Consider including a band that holds sentimental value, like a family heirloom, or a band that symbolizes a special memory. These personal touches make your stack not only trendy but meaningful. It’s like wearing a piece of your heart on your finger.

Consider the Order: The order in which you stack your rings can also make a difference. Your engagement ring should usually take center stage, with your wedding bands on either side. Some people prefer to have the engagement ring between the two bands, while others like to stack their bands first and then add the engagement ring on top. Try different arrangements to see what appeals to you most.

Balance is Key: Balance is the key to a well-curated stack. You want your rings to sit comfortably on your finger and not feel too heavy or lopsided. If you’ve chosen larger, more elaborate rings, you might want to balance them with simpler, thinner bands. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where everything fits snugly and looks effortlessly stylish.

Don’t Overcrowd: While stacking is all the rage, it’s important not to overdo it. It’s tempting to keep adding more rings, but there is a limit. Your stack should look elegant and not feel too cluttered. As a general rule, if you’ve run out of room between your hand and your knuckle, it’s time to pause and admire your beautifully curated stack.

In the end, 

Creating a trendy wedding band stack is all about your personal style and preferences. Start with the basics, mix and match, add sentimental value, and maintain balance. Don’t forget to keep it comfortable and avoid overcrowding. Your wedding band stack should reflect your love story, your unique taste, and, most importantly, make you feel happy. So go ahead and build that perfect stack, one ring at a time.

Add a Modern Twist on Timeless Tradition!!

Now that you know how to elegantly style your rings, now it’s time to find the perfect place to purchase them. Trust Grand Diamonds and build your stack with premium rings. Explore our stunning classic to modern inventory fit for any budget and personality today and level up your ring game. 

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