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GIA Certified Diamonds – The Secret That No One Tells You

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Diamond Certification features the official document containing the nitty-gritty of your beautiful piece. While buying diamond jewelry, our top-most concern is to shop for authentic and reliable diamond that is certified so as to yield good money even after many years. Many renowned institutes ensure diamond certifications, namely GIA, HRD, and IGI. . Get to know what diamond certification is and why it is important to get GIA-certified diamonds.

Why To Shop GIA-Certified Diamonds?

GIA-certified diamonds hold the world’s reliable reputation and a strict benchmark for grading ensuring a perfect cut diamond. The certifications offered by GIA are assured by many tests yielding specific results that make it the world’s most widely accepted grading laboratory. GIA certification makes it easy for a gemologist to understand where the diamond is ranking in terms of cost and demand. Moreover, if you wish to have an authentic and reliable diamond, it becomes mandatory for you to shop for GIA-certified diamonds.

Factors To Consider While Going For Diamond Certification

Below mentioned are the factors that everyone should consider before going for diamond certification.

Carefully Assess The Diamond’s Appearance

Diamond is something that you can adore for coming many years. So, the first thing that comes to our mind is how beautiful and elegant a diamond looks in real. Pick the piece that you found perfect, and then go for the certifications.

Know Whether You Care About Diamond Lab Name

Some customers are really concerned about the lab name mentioned on gem’s report. Some just wish to see the GIA certification on their paper irrespective of the lab or brand they are purchasing it from. Above all, some just wish to have their diamond graded on the report from any of the renowned institutions as their goal is to get an “F” grade diamond.

Considering The Price Over The Certification

Instead of the certification that you are getting, It’s necessary to evaluate the price of the diamond. The price should reflect the beauty, quality, and cut of the diamond – in both ways, on certifications, and with the naked eye. If you are not sure about the pricing, our expert will guide you throughout and estimate the pricing

Different Labs Give Different Certifications

Every lab has its own quirks. It entirely depends on them how they grade color and clarity, some labs do lose color grading while others are looser for rating clarity. Some labs have their specific color ranges, while others favor particular hues or inclusions.

The renowned diamond companies make good use of the knowledge and expertise that they have gained from sending a number of diamonds to different labs every month that’ll maximize the results.

The main thing is to know which labs are trustworthy, reliable, and consistent enough to help you purchase a diamond worth the money that the certificate states to be the truth.

Diamond Grading Is Subjective

Diamond grading is subjective as there isn’t any central organization that calculatingly defines a “G” color and what an “SI1” clarity clearly looks like.

If there is one laboratory, that names a specific color by grade “G” then there’s no hard and fast rule, that says the other laboratory may mention that same grade as “H” – It’s completely acceptable and justifiable as long as they are doing it consistently.

Note the fact that even when an organization is consistent in its grading, it doesn’t usually indicate its reliability and authenticity. Always know, that buying a diamond with a comparatively weak certification at a higher price is not prudent at all, try to get the value of the diamond that you are paying.

GIA Certified Diamonds – Final Thoughts

GIA-certified diamonds

Diamond certification makes it easy for you to understand what you are buying. Also, keep that in mind it is mandatory to see how a diamond looks, and not what the certification is saying. It is recommended to keep in mind the kind of diamond you desire. Having the GIA certification might be worth paying the high price. Eventually, try to get a stunning, certified diamond that will fit your definition of perfection.

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