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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring

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A heart-shaped silhouette is sure to get back-to-back turns and is highly recommended. Both conventional and nontraditional brides find it intriguing because of its historical roots and artistic design. Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Niki Minaj are among the modern adopters of this wacky stone silhouette. Moreover, It was a heart-shaped diamond ring that Mary, Queen of Scots, handed to Elizabeth I in the 16th century as a symbolic olive branch.

Why Choose A Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring? 

What Defines a Heart-shaped Diamond?

With a diamond in the shape of a heart, symmetry is crucial, but there is considerable leeway. Despite the fact that the length and width should be almost identical (1:1), many people prefer a slightly different profile.

Let us see the pros and cons of a heart-shaped diamond in brief.

A diamond in the shape of a heart can be affordable, but if you’re searching for a larger diamond, your options may be more limited. Heart cuts can be less expensive than brilliant cuts, but you might not have as many options, especially in greater carat weights.

A walk-through of why you should consider a heart-shaped diamond ring

Outline & Symmetry

The outline and symmetry of this diamond shape are unique in their way. It attracts and represents love beautifully. The shape of a conventional heart must be visible in the outline. Some of them may have wings that are extremely flat or have pointed lobes, giving them an arrowhead-like appearance. In this type of diamond, symmetry is a crucial sign of quality. Who wants an awkward display of affection, after all? Although it’s not unusual for the diamond’s width to be greater than its length, the left and right sides of the heart should be the same size and form.


Some women find the heart’s symbolism to be extraordinarily attractive. You are getting engaged, after all, and a heart is a form that denotes love. Others think the symbolism is too blatant and overly emotional for their tastes.

When purchasing a ring, take into account the wearer’s personality. A heart-shaped gem is far from tacky if she is proud of her emotional nature and wears her heart on her sleeve (so to speak). She might find the design overly nostalgic if she were more restrained.

Timeless Elegant 

It’s undeniable that heart-shaped gemstones are popular right now, particularly among celebrities like Lady Gaga and Blake Lively, who have made heart-shaped diamonds a fashion statement. But does this attention also imply that they’ll be outdated in a few years? Given that this ring will be worn for many years to come, it is an important factor to take into account.

It is true that ring settings and diamond shapes come and go, and it’s usually the more edgy pieces that look the most dated years later. Not everyone is concerned about this, though. A heart shape might not be suited to her if she is a classics lover. She can be attracted to a heart if she dresses in retro fashion and wants to keep things interesting.

Unique and Rare 

When it comes to engagement ring stones, the heart form is relatively uncommon. Heart-shaped diamonds are really among the least popular, making up just 0.82 percent of all diamond purchases annually, according to Town and Country Magazine.

This implies that when she wears her ring to work, she might be the only lady in her office who has a heart-shaped gem. Is she at ease being different from the rest of the pack? If so, she might adore her ring’s rarity and, of course, the gorgeous heart-shaped diamond ring Antwerp. If not, she might want a more conventional look.

It’s all About Choices 

In the end, engagement rings with a heart shape express flair and affection. Some people will find them fashionable and crude and they aren’t for everyone. But ultimately, if you adore them, they aren’t at all garish. 

Take Care of the Bow Tie

The bow-tie effect is a phenomenon that some diamonds with heart shapes may exhibit. The light that goes through the diamond casts shadows inside the stone as a result of poor cutting and mismatched facets. This causes darkish spots to appear on the diamond’s surface, frequently forming the shape of a man’s bow tie when they cross the diamond.

For a Person Close to Your Heart, Shop for Heart-Shaped Diamond Rings

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They are special. They are lovely. A stunning heart-shaped diamond engagement ring is a wonderful way to show your lover how much you care. Choose from Grand Diamond’s exclusive collections, or you can design a diamond ring online the way you want it to be. This is a genuinely unique piece due to the heart shape and quantity of diamond utilized in it. In addition, it is a more affordable choice than a ring with a round brilliant cut.

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